What happens when you visit the Healing Rooms?

When someone comes to the Healing Rooms for prayer, they will be greeted by a receptionist and asked to fill in and sign a simple form which asks for information about what this person wants prayer for. These forms are kept confidential, only those on the team will see them. A team of three people will take the form and spend a few minutes praying beforehand. The prayer team will then invite the person into the prayer room and briefly discuss the prayer need and then pray. Each prayer session lasts approximately 20-30 minutes. Although there is no requirement for this person to attend church or have any Christian belief to receive prayer, they will be encouraged to be open to God's healing power. While some people receive healing straight away, others find their symptoms get better gradually, sometimes after further prayer. The person receiving prayer is encouraged to return for prayer at any time. They may also be given some bible verses relating to healing to take away and read.
How much does it cost?
There is no charge for this ministry, but donations are appreciated.
Do I have to be a Christian?
No you don’t have to be a Christian; anyone is welcome in the Healing Rooms and, although we believe that the ultimate healing is the healing of the soul, no pressure will ever be applied to anyone to become a Christian.
Can I be prayed for more than once?
Yes of course; you may come for prayer as many times as you like.
Who does The Healing?
The Bible tells us that even Jesus the Son of God could heal nobody by himself, He told people it was His Father working through him. It is the same with the Healing Team at the Healing Rooms. The healing is done by the Holy Spirit of God, working through the people in the team, using their willingness, faith and compassion.
Who can visit the Healing Rooms?
The Healing Rooms are for anyone who has a physical condition or illness, for example you may: 1. Have a stress related illness 2. Be waiting for an operation 3. Have been diagnosed with a life threatening illness 4. Have a condition that is not serious. Even if you are not ill, you may know a friend or neighbour who may benefit from a visit to the Healing Rooms. Both adults and children can receive prayer, although children under the age of 18 years of age must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.
How can I get involved in the Healing Rooms Bourne?
If you are a Christian and you feel God might be calling you to serve the ministry of Healing Rooms please contact the Healing Rooms Bourne by email on enquiry@thehealingroomsbourne.co.uk or telephone 07538934367


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